Communication Plan for Hastings Education Centre


Adult education in Vancouver began as community education initiative by the Vancouver School Board (VSB). Storefront schools with small classes, flexible schedules, and varied delivery of relevant content were earmarks of Adult Education (AE) programming. This original identity is increasingly elusive as class size minimums grow and course cancellations become more frequent. Currently, accountability measures threaten further funding reductions. If AE centres are to maintain their current status as community educators, they must find a way to increase student enrolment and success. This paper will articulate the problems and gaps in communication at Hastings Education Centre (Hastings), one of six AE centres run by the VSB, and make achievable recommendations for improved stability and student success. Continue reading

Cultural Analysis and Communication Audit of Hastings Education Centre


The success of Hastings Education Centre (Hastings) is commonly attributed to the caring staff that is willing and empowered to advocate for individual students. This tailored response is facilitated by extensive face-to-face two-way communication, collaboration, as well as an informal and welcoming social climate. This paper will investigate connections between the culture and communication at Hastings and recommend actions for improving this relationship. Continue reading

My favourite assignment in this Masters of Educational Leadership and Management


Now that I have finished all coursework before embarking on my major paper, I feel confident to state my preference. This assignment was simple yet deeply instructive. I recommend making a goal of your own and reporting on your progress. Much of the learning that I did was shared with my colleagues in productive discussions.

Thanks to the instructors of MA ELM 550, Deborah Zornes and Lesley Lahaye: this four part assignment that explains a process as it unfolds must have been a huge challenge to sort out and a mess to assess. Ironic (and telling) that it was the most instructive! Continue reading